Eye Vapor is a team of artists and engineers devoted to creating live, interactive visual experiences.

Jeff Smith

Eye Vapor is the brainchild of Jeff Smith, who has worked in the computer graphics industry for more than two decades. Having held high-ranking creative positions at Electronic Arts (EA) and THQ, Jeff created Eye Vapor when computer hardware finally could support his lifelong vision of producing stunning, real-time visualizations for concerts and events.

  Russ Haines

Russ is an engineer and developer for the Eye Vapor system. As a founding member of Severe Tire Damage (STD)the first band to produce a live Internet video and audio broadcast back in 1993Russ is no stranger to integrating music, visuals, and cutting-edge technology. Russ also co-invented the Web-controlled camera, audio mixer, and fog machine. He has been a consultant with technology startups for more than 15 years.