Whether it's a logo pulsing to the beat of the music, a live presentation using a real magic wand, customers creating bubbles or fire from their fingertips onscreen, Eye Vapor augments reality in vividly new and creative ways. It's time to go beyond static presentations and video demos. With the art visionary behind your favorite video games at Electronic Arts and the creator of the first live internet video broadcast at Xerox PARC, the creative team at Eye Vapor builds on its principles' forty years of corporate experience in creating cutting edge visual technology. Eye Vapor combines hardware and software wizardry with world class art direction to create your vision.

1 How it works...

Virtual reality, ubiquitous computing, and the horsepower for real time rendering of multiple HD video streams come together. Eye Vapor creates live 2D and 3D art using a diverse combination of software and hardware, much of it proprietary and custom, to create a unique and engaging experience for your customers.

2 Content Creation

Eye Vapor's team of award winning artists and engineers work with your team using your existing art, designs and creative in storyboards and motion designs to create the live scenes. We create custom user interfaces for the performers, the presenters and/or the audience. Theses interfaces are a combination of existing and custom hardware controllers with on screen GUI. All development and changes are instantly updated onto the final scene. We spend all our time working "live", giving the client tighter control of the final product.

3 Live Performance

During your show, we perform scenes live to match pacing and mood of the show. Because all the visuals react in real time to audio, visual, and performance cues, the end product is dynamic and impactful in a way that linear content can never approach. Eye Vapor's output can be configured to any resolution or split across multiple output devices, the only limit is your creativity.

4 Value Added.

Since all elements are live and resolution independent, EV easily re-purposes the elements for either new versions of the show or for other mediums, such as DVDs and websites.