Eye Vapor combines cutting-edge technology and real-time graphics to deliver exciting, dynamic visuals in sync with the performance for a variety of concert and event settings.

+ Enhance Your Live Experiences

Using a system of visual synthesizers and custom hardware, Eye Vapor artists create original, high-resolution visualizations live, as the concert or event is happening. To enhance the interactive experience, Eye Vapor artists incorporate elements from a full range of inputsincluding audio, MIDI, live video, and more. Whether you want to enliven a business event, produce spectacular visuals for a club, or augment a live musical performance with visual improvisation, Eye Vapor delivers.

+ Draw Your Audience In

Break down the barriers between performer and audience. Eye Vapor helps create a truly interactive experience by integrating your audience into the event. Incorporate images of audience members into the visuals by feeding live video from roaming point-of-view cameras into the Eye Vapor system. Let your audience interact with the visuals by providing custom input devices that they control, including mobile devices. Collaborate with your audience to produce a unique experience for each event.

+ Get Your Message Out

Go beyond your static business presentations and video demos. Get your message across by creating a captivating visual experience. Work with Eye Vapor to give your presenter a real magic wand, or incorporate your logo, graphics, and text into visualizations in sync with pulsating music.

Eye Vapor live performance and still frame samples